Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello and Greetings Everyone,

I am so glad Kristin has done so good at posting.  I have been exhausted almost every night before bed.  I have been learning TONS!  I am glad Karen is such a patient teacher.  Some of the things I have done for the first time is removing sutures, packing a gunshot wound, irrigated a Foley catheter, and dressed tons of extreme wounds (i.e. GSW, stab wounds, cantaloupe sized necrotic tumors, etc).  I have also been adjusting from the role of a student nurse to being not only a full nurse, but also a nursing instructor.  With Karen's help we have taught several diabetic patients and we developed a new checklist form that the nurses can use in there diabetic training.  We (mostly Karen) presented this to the nurses in an inservice.  After we were done Gary present the staff with French Bibles.  Then Shirley, Karen, Jeremy, and I taught the nurses some transfer techniques.  Today Karen and I finally got a little more organized and our rounds went great. 

We have been having a good time with some of the patients.  The little boy that had the hernia repaired was cute.  He was still pretty apprehensive but we finally got a smile out of him. 

It seems like such a different world down here.  We in America have been so blessed.  We are still waiting to start our evening rounds with Dr. Rudy, so I had better quit. 

We hope everyone is doing good at home,


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