Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Miami, FL

Greetings everyone,

We are thankful that the Lord has brought us all safe as far as Miami.  The whole team arrived last night (Fri.) in Miami.  It was really nice to meet the rest of the team in person.  The team consists of  John W. Rufener (Rittman, OH), Dr. Jerry Dixon and Janet Dixon and their three children Jeremy, Jonathan, and Joanna Dixon (Benton, AR), Kristin Rufener (Rittman, OH), Karen Martin (IL), Shirley Leman (IL), myself Arthur Greenbank (Akron, OH), Gary Hunnicutt (Benton, AR), and Bob Beebe (South Bend, IN). 

I opened this morning to St. Luke, where Jesus was sending for the 70.  Verse 9 had stuck out to me because it spoke of healing the sick and telling them that the Kingdom of God is come nigh unto them.  Later in verse 20 it spoke of the 70 rejoicing that the spirits were subject unto them, but Christ reminded them that it was more important to rejoice that there names were written in the book of Heaven.  Please pray that we could continue to remember that our purpose is to serve and please God and not rejoice in what we can do, and that God would continue to grant travelling mercy.

Hope everyone is safe and blessed back home.

With love,

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