Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday March 22nd

Today our meditation was from Joshua Chapter 3. God had commanded the Children of Israel to pass through the River Jordan following the Ark of the Covenant. Bro. Bob Beebe reminded us to reflect on our 'River of Impossibility' and remember that God's word (symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant) goes before us to prepare a way. We need His help as there is so much to do here. Trust me, for everyone who is praying for our team, thank you.

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Shirley worked with the Therapy team doing Physical Therapy with the many hospital patients. Arthur Karen and worked with the nurses helping to teach them where they could. Dr. Dixon, Dr. Rudy and I worked in the OR, with the assistance of Janet, Jonathon, and Joanna Dixon (They watched, took pictures, grabbed extra supplies, ran for snacks--basically they kept everything running smoothly).

We operated on 7 patients yesterday. We started with 5 on the schedule and then had an emergency incarcerated hernia (as big as my head, no joke!) show up in the ER so Dr.'s Dixon and Rudy fixed that. We also had an add-on fractured pelvis and femur that we stabilized as best we could. We left the OR at 1:30 am and even then, reluctantly ;). If it hadn't been so late, I would have tried to recover the last patient myself as it was difficult to keep his blood pressure greater than 80's systolic.

Dr.'s Rudy and Dixon finished rounds at about 1:45 (True Lightning Rounds) and we pounded out a tenative OR schedule for today. We have 3 scheduled cases and we will see what comes into the ER in the meantime.

For the record, Bob Beebe, Dad, Sheila, and Jeremy Dixon were also hard at work, but since I was stuck in the OR all day, I wasn't able to see their efforts. :)

God Bless.

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