Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Day of Surgery

Okay, so I tried to post this morning asking everyone to pray for us as we had this tumor to remove from the Leg of a 13 year old girl.
This morning our English devotions were from Joshua chapter 9, where the lesson was to not make a pact quickly, because sometimes things are not always as they seem.
When we went to the Creole/staff devotions our lesson was from Galations chapter 6: 7-10. The message was that we will reap what we sow and that as we have the ability, we should do good, especially to them that are of the 'Household of Faith.'
Today, I feel God brought both messages home as we operated on this huge mass that we thought would be largely vascular and would lose a lot of blood. We also were doing our surgery in the name of God and many prayers were offered up before we made incision. It is kind of neat here, because for a 'Time out' before surgery we identify the patient and the proceedure and then the surgeon or staff has a short prayer before they make incision.
We were very blessed as the loss of blood was not as bad as we thought (Dr. Dixon thought about 50 mL's, I thought about 150 mL's, so we compromised at 200 mL's). ;)
The procedure did not take as long as we thought and we all feel very blessed as we are heading to the beach soon and can genuinely feel that God's hand has been in our mission.
Hope everyone at home is doing well!
God Bless,

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