Thursday, March 24, 2011

I forgot to add a photo of the ladies of our group. So here it is. If I haven't mentioned everyone before, I apologize.

I think I left out Monsieur Gary (as Joanna and Janet Dixon call him). Gary is the understated man of the group ;) He has been helping in nearly all capacities and is always willing to say a prayer or lend a helping hand. Today he passed out French Bibles to the Haitian staff at devotions. We all love Gary and will miss him when this trip is over!

As for the keep silent, keep sweet, and keep stepping, that was part of our devotional encouragement from Bro. Bob Beebe. We have all enjoyed each day that we have had together, but have admitted that we are all looking forward to seeing those who are at home. :)

Today was a whirlwind of therapy, dressing changes, fixing various equipment, and surgery. We only ended up with 5 cases to do. Perhaps 3 tomorrow, we will find out when we round. Dr's Dixon and Rudy were blessed today as I had no voice. :) It came back at the end of the day with a vengeance, though. I think everyone has had a little touch of something throughout this trip. Everyone comes to accomplish as much as they can in the short time we are here, and it's hard to say no, or leave a task unfinished....

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more restful. Tomorrow we plan to work in the morning and then go to the beach and have a nice dinner. Then we will leave the complex at 5 am Saturday and head home. It has been such an enjoyable trip. God has blessed us all so much, I know I am speaking for everyone when I say that.

God Bless,


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